Nicola Domenic Vescio

Nick Vescio a teacher with an MBA, a production manufacturing background, and a former restaurateur never quite felt like he fit in, that is until he became founder of the recently formed olympic property partners, a property management company that specializes in the renting and restoring of both single family and multi-residential properties. He has spent over 20 years attempting to master the real estate game having grown up in a family filled with real estate agents who would often go to work in construction boots. Today Nick has the hands of a labourer in an industry that can at times be abusive and underappreciated by the very stakeholders he attempts to service. Along the way he has been described using a variety of expletives however he clings most to “Superman” knowing that it is the nuclear family that has elevated him to the stratosphere in the past five years, along with an excellent agent(s), lawyer and accountant. Nick’s roller coaster ride that involved facing bankruptcy twice, fines in the tens of thousands, a joint venture that ended a friendship and a failed marriage was simply a part of the journey and the mastery which required ongoing effort – tons of it- coupled with a persevering belief in himself.

The guide to staying up to date as a teahcer - Nicola Domenic Vescio

The Guide to staying up-to-date as a Teacher

Over the years,  I have made sure I stay updated with the latest trends and lessons in the evolving environment. Here are somethings that I learnt during my time. Technology and Teaching To stay current with the latest technology trends, teachers must stay abreast of all teacher-centric technology tools and programs. And while many programs …

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Property Management 101: Tips and Tricks for beginners - Nicola Domenic Vescio

Property Management 101: Tips and Tricks for beginners

When you’re first starting out in real estate, you can’t afford to buy anything larger than a single family dwelling or duplex. This is because you’ll need to build up your brand and trust in the industry before you can afford to purchase larger properties. You can never have enough knowledge or info or examples …

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