Hi! I'm Nicola Domenic Vescio

I’m an experienced school teacher, real-estate investor and manager. I want to  tell my story to anyone who can benefit from my 20 years of experience. 

What I Do

As a multi-faceted individual, my experience and learnings span over a range of  industries. From education to investing to management.

I Teach

Nicola Domenic Vessio is a professional teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience.

I Invest

As a real estate  investor with over  10 properties under management and dozens of successful deals over the years

I Mentor.

With all the valuable experience gathered in the last 20 years, I mentor and coach the next generation of entrepreneurs

Need Advice?

Want to learn more about my experience and learnings, contact me me for a quick consultation.

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My Teaching Experience

I am an educator tempered with wisdom and compassion, concerned with the experiences of the learner. A teacher stressing scientific and technological knowledge, while allowing children to flourish physically, aesthetically, morally, and spiritually.


“Nick Vescio is one of the most knowledgeable folks in the industry, he has been instrumental in my success. Nick’s experience and passion are unbeatable. He is always read to share his learning, provide advice and of course help whenever in need.”

– Galia F

My Story

Nicola Domenic Vessio  is a teacher with an MBA, a production manufacturing background, and a former restaurateur who never quite felt like he fit in, that is until he became the founder of the recently formed Olympic property partners, a property management company that specializes in the renting and restoring of both single family and multi-residential properties.


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