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The Guide to staying up-to-date as a Teacher

Over the years,  I have made sure I stay updated with the latest trends and lessons in the evolving environment. Here are somethings that I learnt during my time.

Technology and Teaching

To stay current with the latest technology trends, teachers must stay abreast of all teacher-centric technology tools and programs. And while many programs now have flexibility in their offerings and customization options for each educator, technology can still be intimidating for college-bound and in-need students. While there are tons of programs to choose from, the best way to ensure that students remain sharp while gaining an education online is by following technology trends. Whether through using programs like Smartboard, Apple Swift Playgrounds, or sprinkling in a little user interface customization with awesome apps like Rocketboard, everything is a commodity that an educator working for a school district or public school can always rely on to put their class’s lives in order. Best way: Create a technology project in your class.

For example, it may be beneficial to leverage the power of the iPad or create a mobile classroom for an eLearning class. A technology project can strengthen collaborative learning and work well in large classrooms where a teacher is the IT guy, but can still make time dedicated to classroom management. Kids nowadays can pretty much do anything on a smartphone. Apps like Trapper Keeper and iCandy have created a built-in dependency on smartphone technology. When a parent is hoarding pocket funds, a school technological project could help conserve valuable resources.

Why it’s good: Technology projects can test ideas, create community and connect inexperienced tech users with experienced engineers and geeks.

Where to start: Give your students some of your own technology to utilize, whether it be an old iPhone or Windows machine.

Continous Learning

Continuous digital learning is becoming a necessity for students, parents, and educators. From learning on the job to exploring professional development resources and following academic departments online, how well do you keep up with the modern demands placed on you? The security of your network and the availability of knowledge about trends will undoubtedly come into play in any part of your career.

Providing educators with the flexibility and resources necessary to adapt to a continually evolving digital learning environment has been one of the most eagerly anticipated curriculums in recent years. This had led to a boom in online learning startups, over 200 million downloads of MOOCs, and investment by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon to create startups like Coursera and Udemy that provide excellent resources for teachers who want to learn about any subject, from design to psychology and much more.

Networking with colleagues

City and regional districts rely on partnerships for efficient digital learning and tools to connect to the external world. As educators, it is essential to find productive ways to network and align our work to the latest developments in technology. Many sites and Facebook groups exist to co-ordinate the work of teachers with their fellows, it is important to foster active and open relationships with teachers across their school communities.

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